PVC RFID Card Manufacturing

PVC RFID Card Manufacturing

With the recent technological boost & IT revolution, digitization and e-governance happening all around, various Governments, Educational & Corporate initiatives require smart cards & PVC cards for identification purpose etc. These cards are now the need of the hour, and everyone is adapting to these cards. We provide a complete card manufacturing solutions, to meet the various requirement of our clients in the form of Government ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Access Cards etc.

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  •  The unique concept of Personalization soaked in Card Processing.
  •  ISO evaluated and approved standard, standards used for materials and machinery ensuring complete durability.
  •  Best Quality PVC Cards - tamper-proof, resistant to weathering, heat, and pressure.
  •  Best results with photograph and signature scanning, cropping, and achieving printable quality.
  •  Bar-coding with operational accuracy, easy implementation & maintaining data integrity.

Using totally advanced machinery we have the current manufacturing capacity of 5 million cards per month.

We have the following set of machinery to fulfill the High Volume requirements of PVC Cards production and Smart Cards processing.

  •  World-class Digital Printing Press in order to print on PVC material.
  •  Fully Automatic Laminating Machines.
  •  Fully Automatic High-speed punching & collating system.
  •  High-speed card & letter reading, matching, affixing & folding (C/Z Fold) machine.
  •  Hot Stamping / Hologram Stamping Machine
  •  Automatic Card Counting Machine.

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PVC RFID Card Manufacturing