Support Policy

Effective Date: March 15, 2022

Quality of Customer Service

At Abinfocom we take pride in the level of customer service we provide to licensed users. Support requests are answered quickly and accurately. Customers are often surprised by the speed and quality of the technical support they receive from us and often express their satisfaction with the level of customer service they experienced.

Technical support as well as pre-sale and post-sale customer service is not outsourced to a third party, but rather provided directly by our knowledgeable staff.

Technical Support Terms Summary

Technical Support on Abinfocom products to customers is provided as follows:

·         Direct Technical Support

Abinfocom provides direct technical support to users who purchased the software from the Store. Users that purchased a license from an authorized Reseller are required to obtain technical support directly from the reseller, or they can purchase the Support & Updates Plan from Abinfocom.

1.    Free Initial Support

Technical support is provided free of charge for 30 days since the day a new license is executed. It is usually the day of purchase, or a sales contract is signed by both parties.

2.    Support & Updates Plan

Technical support via phone & e-mail after the initial 30-day period is provided through the yearly Support & Updates Plan on all products.

·         Documentation and Forum

Frequently updated help resources include the online product manuals and our community forums. These resources are available to all users of our software, regardless of where they purchased their licenses.

·         Software Updates & Bug Fixes

Minor software updates and fixes are delivered to the web site and available to download for all licensed users. Some software have implemented feature to self-check and self-update, while many are not. If your software does not check updates, or the feature is turned off, you need to manually check our web site for applicable updates.

Technical Support & Updates Plan

Customers may opt to purchase Technical support & Updates Plan to receive additional benefits. The services provided under the Plan are as follows.

Access to technical support staff within business hours, by phone or email.

Submit trouble ticket to support database.

Abinfocom Products Only. Note that we can only support issues directly caused by our software in common environment.

End of Life Products

Software products released by Abinfocom typically have high quality and long life span. Typically, a new major version is released every four years. When a new major version is released, the previous version is no longer available for sale. And in two years after the major release, the old version is marked as ends of life (EOL). The following events will happen when a product version reached EOL:

·         No bug fix will be delivered.

·         Product is withdrew from the web site, no download is allowed.

·         Unless you have active support plan, this version is not supported by us in any means.

·         No support plan is offered on this product version.

Customers who maintain active support plan will continue to receive support beyond the EOL date, for at least two more years. We will notify all customers on the plan in advance so that migration to the new version can be prepared seamlessly.