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Erp For Hospitals - HIMS

Our Offer

Hims - Management

The HIMS can manage information about your hospital, departments, Patients, Nurse  and  Doctors and more which is critical  to run the operations. 

Unlimited user licenses
Group of Hospitals
Individual  group of hospitals facilities
Designed for a single hospital
A group with multiple facilities.
Customizable to scalable

HIMS Users Moduls

Appointments Scheduling
Visual Case Sheets
Patient Registration
Unique Patient ID's
Out-patient Management
In-patient Management
OT Management
Ward Management
Automated Billing
Laboratory Management
Pharmacy Management
Patient Portal
Reminders and Alerts
Revenue Management
Smart Analytics
Staff Management
Speciality EMR's
Website .... and more

Hims - AI Powered
Improving operational efficiency
Reducing operational costs
Optimizing resources
Enhanced visibility
Better data security
Ability to make informed decisions
Integrating the HIS with other digital devices with the help of AI and Data Science technologies will bring in large volumes of data from all the connected sources, thus providing deep insights.

Why US  ? 

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Revenue Cycle Management
Patient Health Records (PHR)
Specialty-Wise Clinical Systems
Exhaustive Supply Chain
Business Intelligence

Hospitals with multi national branches can easily configure the system to suit their business needs.

We follow international patient safety, quality management, and multiple-languages to allow everyone to work with the same software. 

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