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Artificial Intelligence will can change medicine forever

A change is happening
October 7, 2023 by

From the development of MRI and X-ray machines to the applications of advanced prosthetics and laser surgeries, the progression of the healthcare industry has been revolutionary. However, we are on the dawn of a new era in healthcare as the complexity and increase of data has necessitated the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The potential of AI in medical aspects such as operation, administration, patient interaction, and research (to name a few) is immense, but the fact remains that healthcare is still a human-dominated industry. And there are legitimate arguments for why this industry should remain this way. Ultimately, the ethical concerns of AI implementation into the healthcare industry such as machine’s lack of accountability and potential displacement of current healthcare workers must be taken into account before AI is fully integrated into the healthcare industry. Therefore, AI should be assimilated into the health care industry on a case by case basis. This article will detail several healthcare applications of AI that will yield tremendous benefit to the industry with minimal drawbacks.


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October 7, 2023
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